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Hisada Art Industry


Hisada Art Industry is a hair salon and barber shop with a 120-year history in Kyoto, Japan. It was established in 1899. “COLLECTION 1899 KYOTO” is our product line produced by combining our customers’ requests and our accumulated knowledge. 78% of our new clients have informed us that they have no idea how to choose suitable hair care products. Thus we launched “COLLECTION 1899 KYOTO” — a series of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel to resolve this problem. It is our wish for more customers to love their hair and to use our products regularly for themselves and their families.


Why is “COLLECTION 1899 KYOTO” special?

  • Your hair won’t become dry, brittle or “frizzy” when you use our shampoo.

  • The components of our products are the most gentle for your hair, scalp
    and body, preventing damage by stimuli of the cleansing components. 

  • Less expensive and coarse hair care products often contain sodium laureth sulfate
    which has been proven to be damaging to hair and scalp,
    and silicone which covers up the damage. Our products contain neither of these.

  • You won’t need our conditioner once your hair is in good condition.

    Our products will destroy your existing “common sense” thinking about hair care products.


Our products contain both silk essence (made in Kyoto) and daiginjoshu extract (top-quality sake) from a sake brewer of Kyoto as moisturizing components.

Image by Babette Landmesser

Seven kinds of organic extracts that have obtained an “Ecocert" certification (an organic certification trusted all over the world) have been compounded and are used in our products.

Image by Anshu A

Our products have a relaxing aroma and scent unique to natural essential oils. Shampoo and Conditioner : orange and geranium, Shower Gel : frankincense and geranium

Our answer : Omitting the superfluities

Most hair care products on the market contain an added variety of excess components in order to give your hair superficial and short-lived qualities like shine or a silky appearance. However, using these products habitually may increase damage to your hair. Please remember beauty, good health and comfort can co-exist. The healthier your hair becomes, the more you’ll enjoy your hairstyle and design. Let’s end your journey to search for your best hair care products now!

Our products give counsel

Let’s check your hair condition by using “COLLECTION 1899 KYOTO” series.

- Only using shampoo works well → Your hair is healthy
- Using both shampoo and conditioner works well → Keep it up!
- Using both shampoo and conditioner doesn’t work  → Please contact us


Shampoo 1899 Kyoto


Conditioner 1899 Kyoto


Shower Gel 1899 Kyoto


Satoshi HISADA (Developer)

Satoshi HISADA is the fourth generation of the Hisada Art Industry family. He meets more than 500 clients a year and offers advice as a hair conditioning expert. He has verified the effects and safety of hair care products for more than for 30 years. He developed the “COLLECTION 1899 KYOTO” product line in 2018.

About Hisada Art Industry

Hisada Art Industry is a hair salon and barber shop with eight private rooms located in Kyoto, Japan. We are hair conditioning experts and tailor our services for each customer. Our customers are widespread among men and women, old and young. Our mission is to bring out your true nature and beauty. Although our hair styling treatments may be more expensive than today’s average, our clients are always happy to pay a higher price as the experience in our salon brings them pleasure both during and more importantly, after their visit. We believe a sustainable hairstyle with beauty and comfort can be achieved when the best hair condition meets the best hair design.

In the beauty and cosmetic field, the latest fashion is important, but from the wisdom of our predecessors we've learned it’s essential to know about the context of the hair fashion:  What kind of social background created the past fashion? How did the trend change the condition of our hair and scalp? How have hair care products varied and affected our health and lifestyles? Based on the answers to these questions, we have risen to the principle that if we value our own individuality, it will enrich our life and mind.


History of Hisada Art Industry

Kyugoro HISADA undertook our enterprise in 1899 and developed it to include 33 barber shops and 8 public baths. Although it was the largest business scale in Kyoto Prefecture, it was requisitioned during World War II. Tokuji HISADA, the second generation, who managed to return safely from the war front in Burma during WWII, inherited the business and ran the biggest barber shop in Kyoto Prefecture. Shigeo and Yuko HISADA, the third generation, renovated the salon with private rooms. It became a topic of conversation since the salon included a classic Japanese garden with a 150-year history. Yuko devised her own hair cut technique which attracted many clients from all around Japan. At the same time, Hisada Art Industry produced four staff members who won the first prize in national competitions and ten staff members who received a prize in international competitions. Satoshi HISADA, the fourth generation, stopped cutting hair after he won first prize in the national competition, and from that time has devoted his focus on the art of hair conditioning.

Hisada Art Industry Co., Ltd. 
144 Sanjo-Aburanokoji-cho, Nakagyo-ku,
Kyoto, Japan 604-8251
0120 279 381

+81 75 221 6522

​Hisada Art Industry

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